Spider-Man climbing web, only at SEGA!
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South East Gymnastics Academy

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Come by the office to hold your
spot in a class.
Mon-Wed 9:30-11:30  
Mon - Thr 4:30-7:00
Extra Programs Edit
Parent shadows child.
Ages 5 and under.  Only $5
TUE & FRI 9:30-10:30

For our  tumblers ages 7 and up. 
Must have a waiver on file.  
Still only $5!
SUNDAY 5:30 - 7:00 

Sega Blog Edit
These are the girls who have been working hard all school year and have moved up to TEAM SEGA this Summer. Good job Girls!
TEAM SEGAJun 23, 2015
Baby Gage has arrived! The little guy is working on websites and backhandsprings already!
Coach AlexNov 19, 2014
We miss SEGA and these lil muchkins so much! Hope everyone is doing well! GO MOCS
Coach Kalona and Coach LindseySep 1, 2014
Doing a hstd on the Great Wall of China!
Lily KobeAug 12, 2014
Summer Camps are rolling at SEGA! Hat day!
SEGAJun 2, 2014
I love driving my fast car to SEGA
ChaseMay 14, 2014
We had a great time helping at the MS Walk at Overton Park!
SEGA Dragon CheerApr 7, 2014
Having a good time in half day preschool!
Monday ClassFeb 17, 2014
The first to post on the SEGA blog! I wanted to say that I miss you guys and that SEGA Rocks!
AlexOct 21, 2013
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